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, mayor great toward the city. they were removing the tree there. >> we just looked outside and we saw the car. >> the mayor returned to the bloomingdale neighborhood known for flooding in the greeted residents to said despite the rain and wind they were for the most part, spirit. >> when we look at what is going on in new york and new jersey, we survived. >> the mayor spent more than half an hour on a conference call with president obama, 10 governors, and other mayors. >> he indicated he is prepared to make sure they cut through all the red tape so that federal assistance if needed will be made immediately available. if people have any difficulty getting through the federal apparatus to call them directly ourselves. >> the city is getting back to normal in the schools and the government will make it back on tomorrow. they are restoring power but for one family that will not solve their problems. >> this is the hole where the tree came from. this is what is left from the tree and that is their home there. power was restored in this neighborhood just about an hour ago. the mayor has pr
that are under a blizzard warning. the the centeree of sandy coming near oceant now city, new jersey. the track will take it across delaware bay. , the reinss around new york city, even into island, have not been as as they had been up through our area. can see these winds continue from the northwest. that is tending to drive the water out. we have had wind gusts up to 52 in the last hour. iran to atlantic city, the is bottoming. -- around advantage city, the is bottoming and will to our perhaps another two or 3 inches of rain. the total rainfall around the will be 5-6rea inches. 8:00 to midnight or 1:00 in the morning will be the time were we have to watch for more damage, more power outages. even though sandy is in short, not out of the woods by a long shot. >> the beaches are seeing the far.damage so part of the pier in oakland -- was wiped out today. a boardwalk and some streets already flooded. brad has been out there all day. blowing likeis crazy right now. more than we have seen during of the storm. i do not know if this is going to work or not. a little while ago, i almost got
flooding reported in the city of monocacy river. i 2 -- the potomac will be now and 7:00een p.m.. alexandria, cresting about a moderate level as well. despite some beautiful sunshine while, this is the view in lower maryland. gray, overcast skies, but hang there -- more sunshine is coming. little chilly, but it will be trigger traders tonight night.-or-treaters to more incredible pictures coming in from new york and new jersey. more and more in of hurricane center. the process to clean up will take more than a few days. that is for sure. our helicopters are in full a look at the damage. jersey are still today, the, and also got a firsthand look. >> the pictures, the video of devastation on the jersey shore and in new york -- see.ugh to today, it got worse. another small town now gone. holmes collapse in this community in new jersey, some their foundation. it was a gas explosion. now, neighborhoods are gone. wast looks like the pier ocean.up by the other neighborhoods in new by sand andowed up water. heights, entire .locks of homes gone the entrance to the town gone. i have bee
have a look at how the city is preparing. >> we are standing here in october because last winter was so unusually mild. dare i say warm. they are hoping that two years ago, 2010, does not happen again, but if it does, we will have enough trucks and enough salt. the winter of 2010, back-to-back blizzards, snowmaggedon. the d.c. area was buried four days. council member larry tate was no fan back then. >> i thought we were caught flatfooted. >> will the city be ready if this coming winter producers of lizard that shut everything down again? -- produces a blizzard that shut everything down again? >> we are ready. >> it is still hard, much harder than it should of been for the residents. >> the city purchase 45 new snow plows, and this time around the city has a contract for 50 additional heavy plows if needed. >> we were overwhelmed. i am glad we have got more. >> the city has parked and ready to go and contingency plans for the upcoming storm season. in 2010, the salt around the city when dry. and now the city has contracts with not one, but two companies to get more salt if needed. and n
. if that sketch looks familiar, police want to hear from you. we are live from falls church. >> the city is installing 10 blocks of pipe lines on l street. it will mean fewer parking spaces downtown in the district. >> this is why this is so controversial. it is not the kind of bike lane we have all over the city. the kind like to see you're on 15th street. clearly defined biplanes with those markers. -- bike lanes with those markers. those who bike to work say it is quick and cost-effective, but at times, risky. >> it makes the bikers feel safer on the road. >> they applaud the city's plan to install more lanes. >> it is almost like you are risking your life. cars do not respect bikers. >> you have a war on your hands. >> new signs will remind motorists they have to make room for turning bikes. >> until we get the cyclist to obey the laws, you will have continued difficulty as they fight for the road. >> another aspect of the plan, to make room for the bike lanes, the city will get rid of 150 parking spaces on l street. >> they need the parking spaces too. it is going to be very diffic
is in good shape. the hope is that will protect the town. in rehoboth, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> city is responsible for at least 39 deaths across the caribbean, from jamaica to the bahamas and cuba, knocking out power and flooding roads. many of the deaths came from people being swept away or trying to cross flooding roadways. track the storm any time of the day at or the weather app. if you lose power the application will have information any time of day. >> the man accused of attacking a lobbying group's headquarters in chinatown has pled not guilty. floyd corkins it is facing counts of committing an act of terrorism. he is the first person charged under the d.c. anti-terrorism act of 2002. he shot a guard back in august. he is due in court in december. >> a burglary turned into a stabbing in northwest washington. a woman was stabbed multiple times at an apartment on washington place. sam ford is live at the scene with what happened. sam? >> the police are still on the scene near the rhode island metro station. at the entrance to the building is cordoned off where a woman
literally life. his >> this metal is the city's highest honor. law enforcement officers from e fbi and metropolitan police at the ceremony. told us he is not t work. he is going back as soon as he is cleared by his doctor. shooter pleaded not guilty during his arraignment back in august. is due back in court this friday. montgomery county police are o use a popularwh l to not walk alone at night. was attacked on the capital press and trail in bethesda and this is not the --st attacker this year crescent trail in bethesda and this is not the first attack this year. >> it is about an hour after sunset last night when the attack happened here. tonight, at this community is on edge. there it is yellow crime scene marking where the attack last night. authorities say the 21-year-old was running after stopped for some crossing the path. >> it was dark. she may have been watching the er. >> that is when her alleged struck, hitting her behind and sexually assaulting her. the eventually, calling police from home. this description of the attacker is limited. a white male in his 20s
of the city. the coldest temperatures will be just before sunrise. e nice and will b ernight. diminishing wind and ideal radiational cooling. tomorrow, it will be a beautiful the with lots of sunshine. high pressure will be building in. will move on to the .ast by sunday, the wind will move to h and it will bring rmer air and it will bring baseball weather on the ball sunday. the redskins' kick off at 1:25 p.m. on sunday after name. on monday, still a warm day. the clouds increase and the next cold front i let the to bring e on mondays her afternoon. the indication is the cold front with temperatures in the seven. send a chance of showers monday afternoon. -- in the 70's and a chance of showers monday afternoon. and then another cold front and r chance of showers by next friday. plate is a good-looking weekend. coming up tonight, going to extremes. but from a father offering millions of dollars for someone to marry his daughter at 2 plastic surgery. -- to marry his daughter to plastic surgery. see what they have next planned on ", going to extremes." -- "20/20, going to extremes." >> and he is
had to forfeit a game. at the school where the lawyers have won three of the last four city-wide championships, they say they want their cut back. >> wearing t-shirts in support of the coach students walked out this morning protesting the firing of the coach here since 1999. >> i think it's an injustice what happened to him. we want him back. >> what are you going to do. >> it wasn't his fault. >> he was frequently in that turkey bowl championship. the school system said he played an illegal player who did not live in the sea. he asked how he was supposed to know that since he was enrolled in another public school which has no team. >> how was he responsible for residency for an athlete that goes to another school? >> parents met with the athletics director today whose son pays for -- plays for tampa bay. >> that is his motivating force. >> dozens of players have gone to top colleges, some like to josh morrison to the nfl. >> [indiscernible] >> so student protested today demanding their coach back. >> the coach is still a physical education teacher here. they wo
project, no chemically treated city water. they have been shoveling and plowing, but it is only october. and there is no snow. >> it is unbelievable. >> a month after the rebuild reflecting pool was reopened, and two weeks after we read the first to show you the algae invasion the national park service has trained all 4 million gallons. officials blame it on not enough ozone. >> because we did not have derided the beginning the algae established itself -- did not have it right at the beginning the algae established itself. it is a formidable foe. >> they decided to drain, scrub, and refilled. >> it is pretty. >> probably not good they had to do it two times. >> algae was not part of this $34 million project, but most seem to take it in stride. >> one of those things. >> does not bother you? >> no, not it all. >> it will cost an additional $100,000 this money is going to come out of the national park service maintenance budget. >> thank you. >> some nasty looking staff. >> let's talk about the weather. tomorrow, it sounds like it will be a really good day if you want to get out on the na
information on the foiled plot to blow up the federal reserve in new york city, more about the suspect who is locked , facing major charges. officials say that nafis not only had several locations to carry out the attack, but a fascination with the president. >> federal authorities believe suspect had the desire but have the tools to carry out an act of terror. he was interested in andssinating the president blowing up the new york stock exchange. in the end, the at the woody say directed his ire at the federal reserve. for most of the people who know quazi nafis, they're speaking out one day after federal foiled his say they to block the fed in new york. >> i cannot believe he would across the street from am living. >> his father responded to the allegations from bangladesh with and disbelief that his son involved in such a plot.ical he said, "i ask the government return my child to me. i am requesting the government and the people to get my son home." according to the complaint, he to the states on a student visa, attending southeast the springate in to a classmate said he spok
to check the source system. they also hit trouble spots in every climate of the city. >> make sure that i am prepared in the basement and are tenants are prepared and ready to put their furniture out on bricks. >> eric was among the first wave of customers buying generators at the home depot in the district. others were buying batteries. >> i am paying attention now. >> the beautiful fall colors it could spell trouble in the coming days, especially when they are right into the streets. montgomery county authorities are urging residents to sign up for their other system ahead of the storm. there is a link to that on our website, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> we are live from bethany beach, to see how people along the shore are preparing for the potential for kaine sandy visit. as always, go to our website for updates day or night. >> a formica midcounty swim coach is in police custody, charged with abusing a swimmer on 18 years ago. natasha barrett has why the police chose not to arrest richard curl. >> in the investigations like this, it is all about timing, getting the victi
around the same size as the when you see here, 150 square feet. cities like new yorker allowing the michael apartments that are of a parkinge space. >> imagine that tiny package a stand-alone house? greta kreuz introduces us to one 150 square foot home. >> you are in the great room. this is the living room. >> welcome to her tiny house. the main floor with the seating area, kitchen and bathroom. upstairs in the loft, an air mattress. thes a rebellion against mcmansions. >> not every kid needs his own play room. it is going back where you had with people. she built it for her master's .hesis is part of the online public university system. great to be able to see has done and how applied her degree program. >> the tiny, movement has grown and it is green. it is fueled by propane. the entire house is just 150 square feet. is average american home almost 20 times bigger and difference, this one is mobile. attached to her dad's trucks, like a camper. others are stationary. it cost to $20,000 plus appliances. she will be selling it to pay back loans. love toually i would these and run
presentation followed by "20/20." >> food trucks in the nation's >> some of the truck owners say the city is trying to make business more difficult and limit options. stephen tschida breaks it down for us. >> check out to downtown during lunch hour. a lot of food trucks and more dining options for customers. >> i like the variety and the surprise of not knowing what is going to be there. >> the food truck business is booming. vendors go where the customers are. >> we are allowed to part in any public parking spot. >> parking enforcement was their biggest problem until now but the mayor is imposing new regulations including specific streets. >> if i do not have access i would be disappointed. >> he also wants to limit the time they can operate. >> i do not think government should be micromanaging businesses. >> the vendors feel it will drive down business. some say they know they're free rein shasta and. >> regulation is going to happen sooner or later. >> it comes on the heels of a new sales tax on food trucks. >> i support they pay their taxes. >> i think it is fine to restrict them. peo
. >> the life guards fired after gangnam style video on youtube have been ordered rehired. >> the city council approved rehiring the staff. they were let go because they say was a misuse of city property. two of them said they are not sure they will take their jobs back. >> that have to bring them back in. >> everyone was calling for that. >> that's funny. still ahead, find out what's going on in prince george's county. >> the newly discovered benefit multi vitamins have on some men. >> a d.c. police officer goes on trial for soliciting sex and shooting up a car as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to reste fiscal responsibility grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges
of the reason she has to enforce a city requirement that all outside companies apply for the space to be used. >> it protect me from having personal liability if anything happens if a child is hurt or injured. >> there is caution on the parent's side too. >> a possible solution would be that the city's working with the school remeasured the space that the school is using. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. new polls show the shift in the race for the white house. >> all i could think was, what a liar. he was just very good at it. >> what jerry sandusky is saying after his sentencing. >> the new starts right now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> in the battle for the white house, the first lady works to win voters in loudon county, a swing county in a swing state. this is a live look at the loudon county fairgrounds where mrs. obama is just finishing speaking with voters. a new service shows mitt romney
is everything -- next time you go out to each in new york city, you may pay more not for what you buy, but what time you arrive. one restaurant is talking about formalizing a prime-time price increase. for most restaurants, prime time means between 7:30 at 8:00. those customers might see a surcharge on their bill. some customers said they might be willing to pay more for the peak time reservation. >> you have to go for that early bird special. >> we felt like senior citizens. [laughter] let's see what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> gordon peterson as a look at what's ahead. >> what a look for answers at the capitol hill as far as the attack in libya and the administration's response to that. whether security was adequate, apparently it was not. democrats say it is politically motivated but republicans say it is not. protesters gathered outside the supreme court today. we will tell you why college students are at the middle of this heated debate. >> we will see you in just a bit. >> we have a gorgeous day today. we will get to the weather in just a second, but coming up, finding h
. >> from the belfort furre weather center, it is still 80 degrees right now in the city and it will stay monday through the evening hours, as well -- it will stay muggy. it will be muggy for a day or so much cooler by the weekend. 81 in frederick, 85 in fredericksburg. temperatures dropping into the 70's. we will have more, coming up in just a few minutes aliso >> tonight the first presidential debate 2012 starts in just a few hours, and we are joined from the site of the debate in denver. hi. >> tonight's debate focuses on domestic issues, including the economy. 90 minutes. it is a high-stakes showdown. tonight, president obama and mitt romney finally stepped in to the same -- step into the same ring, the president preparing for tough questions about the struggling economy and why he deserves a second term. analysts say the focus -- >> i think the president is all about his mannerisms and style at this point. he cannot come across as irritable or impatient. >> the mitt romney's campaign -- the mitt romney campaign they say he needs to connect with voters and show he does connect with t
with the wide look back across the city. the fog started already. it is really against in spots overnight -- it will be really dense in spots overnight. visibility is starting to come miles at reagan national. that will be the big story later evening. as rain fall goes, across the chesapeake bay and parts of region, there will be some but i thinkurs, stay in that region. just cloudy and a little bit of foggy mist in the air and no rain. partly cloudy and warmer tomorrow, 80 by midday. a passing shower and then beautiful weather thursday and friday. fall weather returns early next week. check out i think that is it for now. >> iraq having so much fun last night. >> it was truly incredible -- >> having so much fun last night. energized in a that is usually reserved for presidential election this time of year. it is the post season, or shortly will be, and the nationals won the nl east last night. they were enjoying themselves. it was a night they did not want to end. u turn thea pocket, yo ready for another game. -- wants 7:00 hits. >> if you watch monday night football, use all p
field and a soccer field? >> he said the city promised that a baseball diamond was coming. >> i'm going to be right there. >> wow. >> sounds like she is still a pistol. >> absolutely. >> fantastic. what a great story. craigslist see what's coming up. -- >> lets see what is coming up. >> tonight at 6:00, month after month we have seen polls with different percentages in terms of the race for the white house. we're wondering if that information override is actually turning the voters off. also, it has been a year since the occupy movement came to the district. some say they never left town. >> we will see you in just a little bit. >> first, let's get a check on the weather situation. we start a brand new week and a brand new month. >> absolutely. we have seen some sunshine, then some clouds and some showers too. little patches of light rain. as we get 3 the evening hours -- get through the evening, they will be more of an annoyance than an interruption. just patches nothing heavy. they will move generally southwest to northeast across the area. the first pitch tonight is at 7:05. there c
. spectacular, all day long. temperatures right around the 60 degree mark. 61 degrees in the city right now. as far as what is coming next, a few clouds moving an overnight. it will give way to some sunshine 66 tomorrow afternoon. 63 on saturday. 73 on sunday. late tomorrow night saturday morning, temperatures are going to debt, a freeze watched -- temperatures are going to dip, a freeze watch posted. next chance of rain will be on monday. check out kind of timely tonight. bob ryan has put together a blog on the space station. everything you need to know about how to watch it and where to watch it for the transit of the space station. i think that will do it for now. >> some cool viewing at nationals park. >> he gave us some great weather for baseball. a gorgeous day down at the ballpark. critical game for with the nationals trailing 2-1. let me take you back down to the ballpark. bottom of the second a leadoff shot to center field. it is gone. out of his slump and they are up 1-0. top of the third the game is still tied 1-1. it is now in effect. it is looking more like the redski
be much of the steady rain will state tv west and east -- will stay west and east of the city. temperatures will be falling tonight into the mid-40's. >> thanks for elaborating. you can go to our website to track the temperatures and rain or follow our weather team on twitter. doug will be back to show you where it's known today. >> all right. thank you. -- doug will be back to show you where it snowed today. >> all right. thank you. a boy was attacked by two pit bulls in germantown. what is the story? >> two strange but bulls showed up sometime last week. we are aware of two attacks. the one involving a 10-year-old and his puppy are especially brutal. >> the photos of the puppies are hard to look at. when the pit bulls and grabbed him literally from the arms of his 10-year-old owner the dogs and shook him. >> he was screaming at the dogs to let him alone and let him go. the dogs were jumping on him biting him on the arms. they actually grabbed the puck be out of his arms. >> -- date grabbed the puppy out of his arms. >> the attacks did not stop until a neighbor hit the pit bu
in temperatures or storm warnings anytime soon. we're looking live across the city. spectacular weather, a little on the cool side. our numbers are running significantly below the average of 68. we do have a rather stiff breeze adding a chill in the air. later tonight the breeze will diminish, but it's the same time, temperatures will drop. in fact, they will drop into the 50's after sunset. overnight, expect temperatures between 40-50 degrees. a little spring feeling in the air. all kinds of things you will in joy in the seven-day outlook. >> a woman was found dead in her home and tonight fairfax county police have the brother in custody. police are trying to determine a motive for the murder. candace gibson has the details for us. >> fairfax county police officers remain at the scene of this homicide at the end of the cul-de-sac behind me. as you mentioned, a woman is dead and someone she knew very well is accused of killing her. >> the person who called police had a simple message for the 911 operator. a woman had been shot. by the time police got to the house, the woman, identified as rick al
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23